THA’s Phase II Development Campaign will be launched in late 2020 or early 2021. The Campaign is a multi-year effort through 2024. The Campaign is a multi-year effort through 2023 to 2024, THA's 50th Anniversary Year, to seek private tax-deductible donations to assist the Department of the Treasury in seven high-priority restoration projects in the Treasury Building and seven high-priority Treasury-related education projects.


As a continuation of THA’s Capital Development Campaign that began in 2007, the Phase II Development Campaign is honored to have all living former Secretaries of the Treasury serving as Sponsoring Members.  THA has subtitled the Phase II Campaign as "The Campaign for Alexander Hamilton's Treasury."  THA Board member Louis Margaglione is the Chairman of the Development Committee and this campaign.


Detailed information about the various projects to be funded through the Phase II Development Campaign will be published on this website in the near future. Donors may be designate their contributions for a selected project or category of projects listed in the Campaign materials or state that their contributions are to be undesignated. Multi-year pledge donation options will be offered to those who prefer to contribute over a period of time, through 2023.  Arrangements have been made with a broker to permit donations of stock shares to THA for this campaign; details will be provided to those wishing to donate stock upon request.








You can help the THA through your on-line purchases from  Amazon has a generous program of providing corporate donations to nonprofit organizations for every purchase made through their "Amazon Smile" program. All products that are available on the regular website that you usually access are available on the Amazon Smile site.  And, if you are an Amazon "Prime" member, you will continue to have the benefits of free shipping, when applicable, and access to other member benefits.


To help THA receive donations through this program, instead of going to to make your purchases, please go through their "back door" at  If you inadvertently access, that will loop you back to the previous Smile Program URL. After signing in on the Amazon Smile website the first time, you will be asked to select a nonprofit group to receive a corporate contribution from Amazon in the amount of 0.5% of every purchase you make.  Please select THA by its full title Treasury Historical Association.


The aggregate of all purchases made by all THA members, donors, and friends can accumulate to a meaningful total during the year.