Over the past several years, the Treasury Historical Association gave a number of historically significant gifts to the Department as well as cash donations to fund various historical restoration projects. To date, the THA has provided over $750,000 in support of the US Treasury’s restoration projects and historic collections. Below are just three illustrative examples of some of the gifts provided by the THA to the Department of the Treasury:


Left photo, in 2008 Deputy Secretary Robert Kimmitt (third from left) accepted THA’s gift check of $100,000 to establish an endowment fund for Treasury collection of antique furniture and fine art.  Joining him, from the left, THA Chairman Thomas O’Malley, THA President Michael Serlin, and THA Treasurer David Monroe. Right photo, the first restored wall panel of the trompe l’oeil decorative paint treatment in the South Wing of the Treasury Building.


Original 19th-century oil portrait of Abraham Lincoln, acquired by THA at auction in Philadelphia and restored by THA funding prior to presentation as a gift to the Treasury Department’s collection of fine art.



Among the many other THA gifts to the Treasury Department are the following examples:


·       Financial support for the restoration of the monumental dome in the West Wing of Treasury Building.

·       Reproduction gas lamp chandeliers for the public corridors of the Treasury Building.

·       Electrified antique chandeliers for the Secretary's conference and reception rooms.

·       Gilding or gold-leafing of the eagles and keys in the capitals of the interior columns of the North Wing of the Treasury Building.

·       Restoration of gilding in the ceiling of Cash Room and a North Wing staircase dome.

·       Numerous mid- and late-nineteenth-century photographs, etchings, stereopticon cards, postcards relating to the Treasury Building and environs.

·       Repair and restoration of Treasury antique furniture pieces.