Over the past several years, the Treasury Historical Association gave a number of historically significant gifts to the Department as well as cash donations to fund various historical restoration projects.  To date the THA has provided over $750,000 in support to the US Treasury’s restoration projects and historic collections.  The following is an illustrative listing some of the various gifts provided by the THA in recent years:


  • Financial support to create an endowment fund for Treasury collection of fine art and furnishings.
  • Original 19th century oil portrait of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Financial support for restoration of monumental dome in West Wing of Treasury Building.
  • Reproduction gas lamp chandeliers for the public corridors of the Treasury Building.
  • Electrified antique chandeliers for the Secretary's conference and reception rooms.
  • Gilding or gold-leafing of the eagles and keys in the capitals of the interior columns of the North wing of the Treasury Building.
  • Restoration of gilding in ceiling of Cash Room and a North Wing staircase dome.
  • Historical paint analysis.
  • Restoration of the trompe l'oeil painting in the 3300 corridor of the Treasury Building.
  • Reproduction sconces for West Lobby to match antique chandelier.
  • Numerous mid- and late-nineteenth century photographs, etchings, stereopticon cards, postcards relating to the Treasury Building and environs.
  • Repair and restoration of Treasury antique furniture pieces.
  • Portraits of three Secretaries of the Treasury, with subsequent restoration work on early nineteenth century portrait.
  • Financial support for special Treasury exhibits on WPA-era fine art and on World Wars I and II bond posters.