The Treasury Historical Association (THA) is a non-profit educational and historic preservation organization, established on December 13, 1973.  It is not part of or affiliated with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  THA is dedicated to promoting education on and commemoration of the history of the US Department of the Treasury, including its constituent bureaus, as well as their functions and programs.  THA’s mission also includes providing assistance to the Treasury Department in the restoration and the preservation of Treasury historic properties, especially the National Historic Landmark Treasury Building located next to the White House.  Since its founding, THA has been operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and other members.


Treasury Secretary George P. Shultz was the first to sign THA’s charter on December 13, 1973, his 53rd birthday. Other notable individuals who signed the THA’s charter included the great-great-granddaughter of Alexander Hamilton, Helen Hamilton Burgess.

The Treasury Building, constructed between 1836 and 1869, is one of the country's finest examples of Greek Revival architecture. It served as the temporary White House for President Andrew Johnson after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and its splendid Cash Room (above) was the site of President Ulysses S. Grant's Inaugural Reception on March 4, 1869.


Through the generosity of its members and other donors, THA has been able to provide the Department of the Treasury a number of significant gifts to assist in the restoration of the National Historic Landmark Treasury Building, including funding for the restoration of the gilding of the ceilings of the Cash Room, North Wing dome and the West Wing triple-skylight dome, as well as of the eagles in interior column capitals. A number of other gifts were in-kind contributions to the Treasury Department’s collection of important historical images, fine art, furnishings, books and other relevant items.