The Treasury Historical Association is an active organization, engaging in a myriad of activities to fulfil its mission of educating the public about the Treasury Department and helping to preserve its history, as well as providing assistance in the restoration of the historic Treasury Building.  Below are just some of the programs currently underway.




Lectures on historical topics relating to Treasury are regularly offered for current THA members, with occasional invitations for members to bring guests. Advanced information is provided to members and reservations are usually required.  Lectures usually take place in the historic Cash Room of the Treasury Building.  Speakers have included leading scholars and former Secretaries of the Treasury.  Detailed information is provided to THA members in advance of each event.




After having published two history books – one on the National Historic Landmark Treasury Building and the other on the Treasury Department bureaus since 1789 – the Treasury Historical Association (THA) has initiated a project to create a one-hour educational documentary, hopefully for nationwide broadcast, with sale of DVDs or streaming video afterwards, on the restored areas of the Treasury Building.  The film will emphasize the many important events that occurred in the building that affect the lives of all citizens.  A seven-minute trailer has been produced, with appearances of former Secretaries James A. Baker III and Robert E. Rubin, both of whom emphasize the historical importance of the Treasury Building and the events that occurred within its walls. View the trailer to see a preview of our planned educational documentary.



The Capital Development Campaign kicked-off on November 28, 2007, as a multi-year effort to raise private funding to assist the Department of the Treasury in 14 high-priority preservation and restoration projects in the Main Treasury Building and its environs, as well as providing future care of antique furnishings and documents in Treasury’s collections of historically-significant items. All former Secretaries of the Treasury have agreed to serve as Sponsoring Members of THA’s Capital Development Committee. THA will soon be launching the next phase of its Development Campaign, to include some of the on-going projects in the earlier fundraising effort, as well as education projects, in keeping with THA's dual mission of historic preservation and education on Treasury Department history.



Please contact the THA for more information on any of its programs.