Thomas P. O'Malley
Retired Director,
Management Programs Directorate, US Treasury

Franklin Noll, Ph.D.
President/Chief Historian, Noll Historical Consulting, LLC;
Historical Consultant to the US Bureau of Engraving & Printing

First Vice President
Gary Grippo
Deputy Assistant Secretary,
Government Financial Policy, US Treasury

Second Vice President
Deval Mehta, PMP, CISSP
Presidential Management Fellow and IT Project Manager,
Office of Gulf Coast Restoration, US Treasury
Lori Santamorena
Executive Director,
Government Securities Regulations,
Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Treasury

David J. Monroe
Office of Fiscal Projections, US Treasury

Other Directors

Gerald E. Auten, Ph. D.
Senior Research Economist,
Office of Tax Analysis, US Treasury

Michael T. Caires, Ph. D.
Lecturer on History, University of Virginia

Cora P. Beebe Fosdick
Former Assistant Secretary (Administration), US Treasury

Abby L. Gilbert
Research Specialist, United States Mint

Mary Kertz Jones
Former Special Advisor,
U.S. – China Strategic Economic Dialog, US Treasury

Ronald S. Levy (Director, pro tem)
Retired Senior Counsel for Legislation, US Treasury

M. Elaine Rand
Retired Management Analyst,
Office of Performance Budgeting, US Treasury

Ex Officio Members

The current Secretary of the Treasury and all living former Secretaries of the Treasury